Let’s begin with the facts. I hate gym and I hate sweating. I don’t even know where my local gym is…But i do love my toned body when i finish the exercise. And since i have lots of months to go for running, its time for me to start again.

To tell you the truth everything is a decision. In my case some super new gym clothes helped me take the decision. I know that there are lots of brands with lovely sportswear, but i prefer Nike (This is not an advert!!), i just love nike clothes. They have great quality and they really flatter the body. Of course you have to spent a decent amount of money.

I love this kind of sport outfits and nike gym clothes make me feel more confident. So, if you want a motivation… go and get the most fabulous sportswear and start working out!

And don’t forget that fitness is not a destination is a way of life! So Sweat, Smile and Repeat!

Leggings @Nike

Shoes @Nike

Top @Bershka


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